Dimensional Lumber

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Douglas Fir stands unsurpassed for heavy structural timbers. It is one of the strongest woods per pound of weight in the softwood field. Where strength is the primary factor, Douglas Fir meets all requirements, and its straightness, ease of fabrication and availability in a wide range of sizes and stress grades furnish bonus qualities. For posts, beams, stringers, joists, bracing, flooring and decking, rafters, roof decking, and for the many different members that make up trusses for factory and warehouse roofs, it is the perfect heavy-duty wood.



2x4 thru 2x14 up to 26'
Available S4S, Green or Dry, Premium, Select Structural, #1&BTR., Std&BTR., #2&BTR., Utility, #3, Economy


3x4 thru 3x12 up to 20'
4x4 thru 4x12 up to 26'
6x6 thru 6x12 up to 26'
Available Green or Dry, Rough or S4S, Select Structural, #1&BTR., #2&BTR., Boxed Heart, Free of Heart, Exposed


2x4 thru 2x8 in various lengths
Available Green or dry Premium, #2&BTR, Stud grade

Utility Stock

1x4 thru 1x12 up to 16'
Available in Douglas Fir and Pine