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Could treated sewage be a tool against sea-level rise?


Associated Press January 14, 2017

SUFFOLK, Va. (AP) — As a tool against sea-level rise, the idea seems a little counterintuitive: Add water to the ground.

But the laws of physics support it: Pump millions of gallons into a sandy aquifer deep below the Earth's surface, and its porous layers will expand like a sponge. The ground above it will rise, fortifying at least some of the land against the ocean's reach.

For decades, geologists have known that extracting large amounts of water can cause the ground to sink over time, sometimes by dozens of feet in places like California. Pumping it back in has slowed this subsidence and even slightly boosted ground levels in other places, experts say.



Operating a green business is not only good for the environment but good for the customer. We have taken the time to make sure that our business practices and products build up our planet and our community rather than tearing it down. Not only do we have high standards for recycling and proper waste disposal, but we also look for the most environmentally friendly products to carry in our store. We carry SFI certified wood products, which means you can buy with confidence, knowing that our lumber products are harvested in an environmentally conscious way. We also carry a number of Energy Star rated window and door products, as well as a large array of other green building supplies.. By using green lumber products, production processes, and operations Gray Lumber is not only able to help save our environment but also to pass BIG savings on to you.

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